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How We Can Help

One-on-One Coaching

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You will work individually with Dr. Vic as he puts together a CUSTOMIZED plan for you to achieve your health goals.  Coaching is done on a 6-month minimum as health is not a destination but a journey.


In this process, Dr. Vic will connect with you with weekly check-ins, progress reports, look over former blood work, and may request new blood work or lab tests to dive deep into what you need to achieve your goals.


Dr. Vic takes a holistic approach which means it is not just nutrition recommendations, supplements, and exercise but also will give recommendations on calming the mind, health tech that can help, and much more.

Online Classes

Those who work with Dr. Vic one-on-one will gain access to all his online classes while you are coaching with him.

If not interested in coaching with Dr. Vic, we offer numerous online classes to help level up in health.  Some topics we have are, How to Fast to Longevity, How to Master the Keto Diet, Say Goodbye to Allergies, Diminish Anxiety, and much more.

We are in the process of launching our new classes so if you are interested into what classes we have, click on the button below:


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Join Our Membership Community

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In our membership community, Dr. Vic shares content every week to help those level up with their health.

Each month you receive, one podcast LIVE, one workshop, one product of the month (shares the research and why to use it) plus one Q/A.

We also create programs to follow such as fasting for 1 day and reporting how we felt or doing intermittent fasting and so forth.

To join our membership it is only $49 a month.


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