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We Need To Redefine What Health Is

The term "Healthcare" in our modern society is more focused on sickness and illnesses than on creating health for the overall human body.

We should change the term to "Sick Care" because that is what we focus on. When it comes to any disease, we look at how we can manage the disease or illness instead of understanding why the body is creating this.

You see, the body never creates anything out of wanting but always out of a need. It is in alignment with nature and the Universe. Nature and the Universe do the same thing. They only create stuff out of necessity, not a want.

When we understand this principle, we can start developing a definition that will help us on our health journey. We can truly begin to ask the questions that will help us get down to the root rather than work on the branches.

When we focus on preventive care, we still focus on sick care. Because if you are preventing cancer, you still have the door open for heart disease and the 10,000s of other illnesses and conditions that we have labeled with specific symptoms.

When focusing on health, we consider what the body needs to THRIVE. Research has shown that the body is designed to be healthy even at the gene level. You give it what it needs, and it will THRIVE every time.

This is no different than putting yourself in an environment that sets you up for success or when you are training your new puppy how to learn new tricks; the more you put it in an atmosphere of success, the faster it will know every new trick

The body is no different.

So, what is health? Health is an adaptation to one's environment. As Charles Darwin stated, "It is not the fastest or the strongest that will survive, but the one who can adapt."

When we can allow the body to get the proper signals (information from the environment that is picked up from the body and transmitted to the brain) from the environment and have appropriate responses from the brain to the body, plus support the body via nutrition, work this amazing body through movement and exercise plus keep a calm mind through mindfulness while giving it the rest it needs through sleep, it transforms every aspect of your health.

And I would have to mention, when you see a Chiropractor regularly, it allows for the information from your environment to be accurately picked up by the brain and allow the brain to send the proper signals back to have the body adapt as well as it needs to.

This body of ours is the most advanced technological system that will ever exist in humanity's existence. It doesn't need much to THRIVE.

I always say, "When we lead with the mind, life becomes more complex. If we lead with the heart and soul, life is simple."

We have overcomplicated healthcare, and the truth is, health is simple: give the body what it needs and it will thrive.

If you want to learn more about how you can truly transform your health while showing up being your best version of yourself daily, reach out and contact us. We are always here to support you on your path.

Thanks for making it to the end of our first blog post! I appreciate you!

In light, love, and health,

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

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