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Hire Dr. Vic

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Dr. Vic has been publicly speaking for the past 13 years and can share a wealth of topics relating to Health, Mindset, Resiliency, Leveraging One's Mind and the Universe, Universal Laws, Spiritual Truths, Mindfulness, Peak Performance, and much more.

He always brings his A game, high energy, and shares information to create transformation.

If you want to hear about Dr. Vic's appearances on many other podcasts, CLICK HERE.

If you are looking to hire Dr. Vic as a speaker for your next event, community group or corporation, click on the button below.

Dr. Vic has been helping entrepreneurs break away from the standard advice of being successful in business and life, you must work hard, grind, hustle, put in the sweat equity, and sacrifice time, money, health, and family to achieve that level of success.

He has experienced this firsthand in his own business, and after he saw how backward things were and how tired he was of experiencing burn out, he decided to stop with all the business advice and just using what he already knew.

Dr. Vic has studied mindset, universal laws, spiritual truth, spirituality, and neuroscience for the past eight years.  When he applied these principles, he started to notice that he didn't have to work as hard to achieve his level of success.  He was working 50% less than what he was and achieving more.  

On top of that, he had more freedom, fulfillment, time with his family, and other passions.  

After seeing the success that worked for him, he started coaching entrepreneurs to do the same thing.  And in the past 3 years, he has helped 100s of entrepreneurs do just that.

If you are interested in coaching with Dr. Vic, he offers a FREE discovery call that allows him to learn more about your business, challenges, struggles, and dreams you want to achieve.  If he feels you qualify for his coaching program and can help, he will share how he can do that for you afterward.  

For more information and to set up a call, click on the button below.

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